In order to make a sound decision about bringing a pet into your life, you really need to be honest with yourself and consider if you are prepared to deal with the following items:

  • Do you have enough time for a pet in your life? Do you have too many other commitments that might prevent you from having a pet and looking after it properly? You need to allow for the time to exercise, train, and care for your pet on a daily basis.
  • Are you a fussy housekeeper? Pets can be messy at times, and most cats and dogs shed so you will have to get used to vacuuming your home regularly and invest in a lint brush for your clothing.
  • Cats and dogs require regular grooming to maintain a healthy skin and coat which is essential to good health. With some breeds you will need to pay a professional groomer to do the job.
  • Pets require veterinary care on an annual basis and sometimes more often if they have special health concerns or have a medical emergency. These visits can be costly if you don’t have pet health insurance. A good rule of thumb is to have an emergency fund available at all times just in case.
  • Without proper training your pet can develop behavioural issues that could create stress in the household if steps are not taken to alleviate the issues. Obedience classes, socialization and plenty of exercise are key to maintaining a healthy happy dog. Cats contrary to popular belief thrive best with regular human contact and it’s important to keep their litter box clean and provide fresh water, food and attention every day.
  • Is your household chaotic? Pets thrive on routine. How will you maintain this routine when you already have so much going on? If you are stressed, your pet will also be stressed.
  • If you’re looking for a dog and base your adoption choice solely on the breed or looks, you could be setting yourself and the dog up for failure unless you understand the dog’s energy level and the characteristics of the breed. If you’re not active, don’t get an active dog.
  • High quality premium pet foods have been scientifically formulated with plenty of research into providing the best nutrition for your pets and they are an excellent choice for maintaining good health. While some of the cheaper brands are appealing price wise, they will not contain the highest quality of ingredients and the research and quality control may not exist. You may actually have to feed more of the low cost product to achieve the same caloric intake but still not get adequate nutrition. The end result is that the premium food ends up being the best choice health-wise and financially.
  • Your pet will require a place of their own and that they can retreat to if they choose along with a few toys that they can safely amuse themselves with. Cats enjoy cat condo scratching posts, carpeted shelves along window sills, a comfy cat bed and catnip filled toys. Dogs will lie on cushioned beds and some prefer the den like appeal of a dog crate or plastic kennel.
  • City ordinances require that dogs be licensed annually and that you adhere to the bylaws.

If you can honestly say that you are committed to taking pet ownership seriously and have the time to invest in a new furry friend, that’s fantastic! There are a multitude of homeless pets waiting for their forever homes in shelters, pounds and animal rescue organizations across the country.

We hope you stop in for a visit at Homeward Bound City Pound to see the pets available for adoption. You may just find the pet of your dreams!